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Soft skills and sales performance

24 November 2021

30% of success in negotiation lies in proper preparation

25 June 2021

A few tips for taming your fears during a negotiation

Value creation in the B2B pharma market

Publié le 23 November 2023

Generating Value in the B2B Pharmaceutical Industry’s Market Access: A Multidisciplinary Approach The B2B pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving and undergoing significant changes at different levels, such as the economy, demographics, globalization, technology, healthcare reforms, and advances in research and development. The introduction of a new drug or medical device into the B2B pharmaceutical industry is a very complex process, ranging from the identification of a new active molecule to its prescription by doctors and its availability to patients. This market faces other challenges that are increasingly complex compared to other sectors. For example:  In this highly dynamic environment, market access has become a fundamental pillar for the success of […]

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Focusing on the customer experience pays off!

Publié le 26 October 2023

Can you name one department in your company that has no impact on customer satisfaction? No ? In fact, every department has an impact on customers, since that’s your raison d’être. Every employee in an organization works to satisfy the customer, or to enable someone else to satisfy the customer. However, in the companies we work for, we regularly find that two major currents are clashing internally: customer culture and operational culture. These two trends are very different, since the former focuses on customer satisfaction, while the latter ensures that deadlines and quality standards are met. When we focus on customer satisfaction, we make sure that everything we do meets […]

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A team strategy: aligning the planets

Publié le 12 October 2023

Labour shortages are forcing many organizations to do more with less… until they can find the resources they need to complete their teams. In sales, this situation can become critical. This is why perfect sales team productivity is essential. To achieve this, it’s essential to develop a team strategy based on alignment between business vision and sales objectives. If everyone pursues their own vision and works alone in their own corner, they won’t benefit from the support and efficiency of the mobilized team. In other words, it’s better to row in the same direction than to paddle alone. Sharing the same business vision is essential, but so are sharing the […]

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How to respond to the scarcity of manpower in the sales world?

Publié le 28 September 2023

Act on 3 key aspects of sales optimization Labour shortages affect companies at all levels, and can significantly slow down operations and the achievement of growth objectives. Like everything else, the sales function is also affected. How can sales react to this particular situation without losing feathers? It’s time to optimize: resources, assets and strategies. Optimizing the sales function involves three key factors: the customer portfolio, salespeople’s activities and their skills. For these three important cogs, external factors (market, competition, economy, weather, etc.) must be well considered, while internal factors (pricing, marketing, training, support, etc.) must be judiciously managed. In times of limited sales resources, it’s important for the manager […]

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Winning business at the sales conference

Publié le 14 September 2023

For Key Account Managers, Account Executives, Business Developers and Consultants working with major accounts, good upstream work on the customer’s premises and a professional written offer are often not enough to win the business. However, these steps only allow you to move from first selection to the shortlist… in the famous bidding process. A good business deal can be lost during the pitching ritual (also known as a “pitch” in some sectors) ….or, on the other hand, it can end up being a bad deal! The challenges of the sales presentation – the pitch It is during this “oral” that the decision-making group, or jury, will make up its mind, […]

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Lying in negotiations

Publié le 07 September 2023

Lying in negotiations is a huge subject! I’m a teacher-researcher at a leading business school. I’ve been studying negotiation from a psycho-social perspective for 10 years now. My research has focused, for example, on the interpersonal role of emotions in negotiation. This involves asking whether the expression of certain emotions during negotiation, such as anger, sadness or joy, generates more or less concessions on the part of the negotiator who witnesses it. Hence the term “interpersonal”, which refers to the effect of the emotion of one negotiator on the behavior of the other. I immediately think of Winston Churchill, who was known for his choleric temperament, which Charles de Gaulle […]

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A few tips for overcoming fear in negotiation

Publié le 13 July 2023

Fear has a virtue: it shows a certain motivation to avoid loss or danger. Indeed, if we feel this emotion in negotiation, it means we really want to do well and close the deal. We just have to make sure we’re not blinded by it. 3 tips to negotiate without fear…. and without reproach! 1. Apply pressure on the right side Many people fear negotiations. The problem? The feeling of dependence, the fear of losing. In reality, there’s only one question to ask in the event of failure: who will suffer the heaviest consequences? You, your counterpart or perhaps neither? Salespeople sometimes forget this reality. The consequences of an unsuitable […]

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The limits of empathy in business relationships

Publié le 06 July 2023

Although empathy is generally considered a valuable and essential skill in sales, negotiation and leadership, it also has its limits. We will distinguish 3 problematic situations. Excessive empathy Absorbing negative emotions from others can have an impact on your own stability. Maintaining emotional equilibrium is therefore essential if you are not to tip over into the negative. On the contrary, in this type of situation, it’s advisable to desynchronize yourself. Practicing self-compassion is also the key to achieving sufficient emotional distance. This means being kind and understanding towards yourself, accepting your imperfections and recognizing that you can’t always meet other people’s expectations. It’s a way of setting limits with the […]

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Empathy as a lever for sales negotiation

Publié le 29 June 2023

Empathy plays a crucial role in negotiation, enabling the parties involved to better understand each other. In particular, it enables : Of course, if everyone can quickly agree on the effectiveness of empathy, the question is how to develop and implement it. Here are some key steps for cultivating and strengthening empathy during negotiations: By applying these techniques in particular, you’ll be able to develop and strengthen your empathy during negotiations. This can be cultivated with time and experience, and the application of these principles can greatly contribute to improving the quality and effectiveness of your professional interactions. Amine Arezki

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Empathy as a lever of trust

Publié le 22 June 2023

In an increasingly competitive world, companies are constantly seeking to stand out from the crowd and adopt effective strategies for success. But for a customer to be open to a discussion that challenges them, that takes them out of their comfort zone, that brings them solutions that will change the way they do things, you first have to inspire their confidence. Without trust, they won’t buy a complex and/or innovative solution. Empathy is one of the key skills for building trust. Often underestimated as inappropriate benevolence, this ability to understand and share the emotions, thoughts and motivations of others is essential to building trust and navigating interpersonal relationships effectively. Empathy […]

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