There’s no stopping progress! Even account reviews are getting easier…

frédéric vendeuvre Published by Frédéric Vendeuvre – 8 February 2024

Every key account salesperson is familiar with the account review exercise. It’s an important time for updating action plans, account vision and strategic initiatives. And to share it all with management and colleagues.

One important component is understanding the customer’s organization and its strategic challenges. Another key component is the synthesis of our sales and results with this customer, and the calculation of our market share. Last but not least, identifying decision-making channels, key decision-makers and influencers is always a difficult exercise.

For several years now, various technological solutions have been helping sales teams to build up these account reviews in less time. At Halifax, for example, we have developed an e-Pirat application, available on, which enables all the information available in the CRM to be aggregated directly into the account review. This avoids re-typing and double reporting and provides a single-entry point into the organization for shared access to data on this strategic account. Other solutions on the market, such as The Official Board, identify a customer’s key decision-makers. Here too, you can feed your CRM directly, obviously also using LinkedIn profiles.

But the AI tools coming onto the market will completely revolutionize this exercise. In particular, they will help us understand the account, its organization and its stakes, calculate addressable potential and market share, identify decision-making ecosystems and sociograms beyond static organizational charts, which are interesting, but totally insufficient.

This is finally good news for focusing on real business issues, action plans and how to share and sell them internally, rather than on tedious information compilation and synthesis. We’ve started testing some AI Chatbots at Halifax, and it’s amazing!

If you’ve had any interesting experiences, please share them!

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