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Key Account Management best practices

Publié le 02 December 2022

If I tell you cholesterol, what do you think? What if I tell you Pareto? Do you follow me? Not really? Let me explain: the 80/20 rule is very useful in sales and customer segmentation. This principle reminds us that 80% of the results can often be attributed to 20% of the efforts made. And […]

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Cross selling among key accounts

Publié le 14 November 2022

Cross-selling among key accounts? Easier said than done… ! 3 practical tips for progress. And with this, Sir, Madam …. ?  Which customer has never heard this famous open question at the baker’s or the market? If it is well put, it is often successful. However, this cross-selling approach, which consists of marketing the part […]

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The alignment of the planets is now

Publié le 11 July 2022

In his long professional career, a salesperson will go through different cycles and experience various economic environments. Sometimes, the conjuncture plays in their favour; other times, it won’t, making their work much harder (the business is slow, volumes are not up to par… And then, back to good times again. But every 20 to 30 […]

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What is behind the sales function?

Publié le 10 June 2022

We hear that selling is an art, that it is innate, that it is a science. In short, selling is convincing someone of something: a meeting, a test, a presentation, a bid, a pilot project, a sale, a contract. Behind all this, we talk about skills, and in 2022, skills are what we need more. […]

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Managing a sales team in the age of data and artificial intelligence

Publié le 06 May 2022

When I talk about data and artificial intelligence with sales managers, they often look at me with wide eyes. Is this really for me? What does that mean? It’s all too abstract for most of them. Yet, like Sir Shakespeare with words, salespeople have been using data for a long time. I’ve always seen good […]

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Area Manager: a key role in the company’s international development.

Publié le 15 April 2022

Today, exports of goods and services represent between 25 and 30% of the world’s GDP. When a company decides to expand internationally, 2 strategies, which can be complementary, are available: to establish itself locally in the target countries through a subsidiary and/or to market its offer via a network of local distributors, then led by […]

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Has “Blended-Learning” touched the gist ?

Publié le 30 March 2022

In behavioral training such as sales and management training, “blended learning” has already become an accepted idea, a convention, not to say sometimes “a pie in the sky”. Sequencing learning, learning in bite-sized chunks, alternating distance and face-to-face, individual and group, tutored and untutored. At the beginning of the pandemic, many still thought that nothing […]

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Content marketing and its place in your company growth strategy

Publié le 03 March 2022

Content marketing, another craze? Content is King. As a business owner or C level executive concerned with the performance of a company, you understand that marketing, especially online marketing is crucial in one enterprise commercial performance. We can all agree on that but anyone involved a tiny little bit with getting the company better known […]

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