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KEY ACCOUNTS Sales and Negociation


From Frédéric Vendeuvre and Thierry Houver, Anderna Publishing

Within the increasingly complex and competitive environment of key accounts, hard work and traditional methods are no longer sufficient for sales people. Finding the right contacts in these organisations, adopting a clever strategy and approach, establishing a network and lobbying decision makers, and negotiating profitable deals with buyers are all burning issues for the modern key account manager as well as for senior management.

The authors list and exemplify the best, easy-to-use key account selling methods in order to help the reader : Define his 18/24 month strategy Establish a concrete action plan Sell value Differentiate his products/services in a competitive tender Negotiate and finalise Develop loyalty for key clients Key account manager who strive for success will find new styles and techniques in this book and use it as a daily reference.

Senior managers and executive directors will benefit from the manual which will help them to implement a pattern for key account development and to optimise their roles in the process.